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Boxed Jockey Lift or Boot Jockey - Sold

Ordinarily sold in pairs, these curved metal plates help one's leg to slide into close fitting riding boots.

This single example has its rather tatty original box
The label of the box explains that this is a new design, designed to be used on its own.
You can see a better example of the label in a blog I wrote a while ago HERE, but what it actually says is :
"Patent Jockey-Boot-Lift
Is equally available for either right or left boot"
It then shows the old style lift compared to the new (frankly I cannot see much difference)
. Reviews come from several magazines : The Field (still around today), Sporting and Dramatic News (great title eh?, it was in print between 1845 & 1943) and Land & Water (a weekly journal published between 1914 & 1920, and edited by Hillaire Belloc - he of the cautionary tales, amongst other, more serious works). Anyway, this last publication usefully dates the new lift to between 1914 & 1920.
The box also helpfully gives instructions for use : Place the "Jockey" inside the front of the boot top with the ege of the latter resting within the supporting flange of the "Jockey" and then pull on the boot in the usual manner.
The lifts itself is in very good aondition.
It is stamped "Patent".

Dimensions : 4" (10cm) x 3¾ (9.8cm)

Vintage jockey lifts or boot jockey Vintage jockey lifts or boot jockey Vintage jockey lifts or boot jockey Vintage jockey lifts or boot jockey



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