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Anna on Liza

In common with most English schoolgirls I was horse-mad, and spent most of my formative years around horses and ponies. I used to love rummaging through old tack rooms and horse sales. Things change, of course, now I am a vet (veterinarian) and can devote less time to equestrian matters .

Over the years I have accumulated ("collected" implies organisation) many horse-related items and sporting antiques. I still can't resist something unusual when I see it. Such collections can rapidly grow out of control. So, this website shows many objects; some are for sale directly from the site and some through eBay, some are seeking more information and some just because I like them. If you are interested in anything or have any information (particularly where I'm wrong about something) please email me.

Items I am listing on Ebay can be found here My items on eBay

with a Harris hawk

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