Racquet Sports

Early Ping Pong

An original box with a label that reads
"The new Table Game of PING PONG or GOSSIMA
Causing immense excitement and healthy exercise and is the nearest approach that can be to the Game of Lawn Tennis as played out of doors"

The manufacturers were obviously keen to protect their product, the label also reads "Sole Publishers & Manufacturers, J.Jaques & Sons Ltd. & Hamley Bros. (Jointly concerned)", "Titles registered as Trade Marks" and "Proceedings will be immediately taken against anyone infringing the registered titles of this game" Inside the box there is a further warning to the public to "Beware of cheap imitations..."
Original box for ping pong gameinside the Gossima box

The box contains the original net and brass clamps to fix it to a table. Also there are two ping pong bats made of very fine white leather stretched over wooden frames - rather like a drum. These are very delicate, but have survived in excellent condition. Sadly no balls remain.


Tennis Racquets

As in most people's attics, I have a few wooden tennis racquets. Mostly they have gut strings, leather covered handles and wooden presses to stop them warping
tennis racquettennis racquettennis racquet

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