Cavalry spurs - dismounted

Very similar spurs are illustrated in Charles de Lacy's book, The History of the Spur. He records that "When dismounted, both officers and troopers wear a swan-necked steel box spur, without sharp rowels..". These differ slightly from the print in this book, in that they do not have a true shaft for attachment to the box in the heel, only a spike. There is a hole on each arm where a stud or chain could attach.

Each is stamped "J.Rock & Co.", "1937" and each bears an ordnance mark.

Dimensions : 3" (80mm) wide x 4"(110mm) long
Rowel ¾" (18mm) diameter

Weight - approx 6¼ oz (180g)

Ref : spur004

 spurscavalry spurs date stampordnance stamp rowel

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