Officers Dress Spurs

A pair of Nineteenth Century officers dress spurs in their original velvet-lined fitted leather case. The hinge of the case is worn on the outside, on the inside it is marked "Registered March 20th 1858".
Each regiment had different decoration of their spurs, these have a pattern of oak leaves and acorns, crowns and fleurs de lys. The design is similar to that seen on a Life Guard's dress spur in Benjamin Latchford's 1883 publication "The Loriner". These box spurs have a straight neck and a plain rowel , engraved with crowns and oak leaves, they are stamped "Patentee, ...erts" &"Left" & "Right"

Dimensions of each spur : 23/8" (60mm) wide x 43/8"(112mm) long

Weight of the pair - approx 5oz (141g)

Ref : spur042

Gilt box spurs Gilt box spurs Gilt box spurs- decoration Gilt box spurs rowel

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