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1853 Pattern French Cavalry Bit - Bit741

1853 Pattern French Cavalry Bit - Bit741

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This is branch cheek steel bit with a dark patina.
The centre of the mouthpiece curves upwards and narrows to form a low port.
The cheeks are curved with oval loops at the top and separate holes for curb hooks.
The bit has its original graduated curb chain and curb hook, although the hook is somewhat bent.
Each cheek bears a rein loop, and there is a curved shackle bar.
There is a brass cheek boss showing crossed cannons and a flaming grenade on each side of the bit.

There are faint stamps on both sides of the bit but I can only read "....court" on one of them.
There are traces of gold paint on the bit.

Dimensions : mouthpiece 12.5cm (5"), cheeks 19cm (7½") not including rein loops

Weight 839g (1 lb 13¼ oz)

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