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1936 Vintage Leather Swaine & Adeney Racing Whip - w1570

1936 Vintage Leather Swaine & Adeney Racing Whip - w1570

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This whip or crop has a whalebone core and is covered in mahogany coloured braided leather.
On its cap it has a rather dented silver button which is stamped "Swaine & Adeney Ltd., London"
Below the cap there is a silver collar, hallmarked London 1936 and engraved "Farceur 1936" (probably the name of a racehorse ?).
The whip ends in a tapering stitched keeper bound on under a leather sleeve.
In Swaine & Adeny's 1935 catalogue this style of whip is No.A78 and described as "Racing Whip, short, best all-whalebone, braided gut or plaited kangaroo hide"
The price is listed as £1 and 16 shillings equivalent to between £130 and £355 today depending on the measure used

Dimensions : Length not including the keeper 26" (66cm), Keeper 3¾"(9.5cm)
Weight 102g (3½oz)

Ref : whip1570

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