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A Steel Liverpool Bit by Peat - Bit800

A Steel Liverpool Bit by Peat - Bit800

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This driving bit is made of steel.
It has a half twisted or reversible mouthpiece with a high port.
The cheeks cannot turn but the mouthpiece can slide up & down on them.
Each cheek has two possible slots for the curb rein.
The bit has its original curb hooks.
One cheek is stamped "Peat" and the other "Piccadilly, London"
Peat, Saddler & Harness Maker, 173 Piccadilly, London held a Royal warrant & was mentioned in Dickens' 1879 directory. The Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice ordered the sale of the business and the leasehold on 16 July 1884 following a court case brought by Latchford - presumably over a debt to the loriner.

Mouthpiece 13.4cm (5¼") Cheeks 24.5cm (9½")
Weight 850g (1lb 14oz)

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