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An Antique Steel Weymouth Bit by Latchford - Bit772

An Antique Steel Weymouth Bit by Latchford - Bit772

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An antique steel bit with a good dark patina.
There is a low port in the mouthpiece.
It has quite short fixed cheeks.
One of the cheeks is stamped "Latchford", the other "St. Martins Lane", Members of the Latchford family were bit and spur makers in St Martin's Lane from the beginning of the 19th century until around 1900
Benjamin Latchford was the author of " The Loriner : opinions and observations on bridle-bits and the suitable bitting of horses, with illustrations" .
The bit has its original elegant curb hooks and curb rein rings.

Dimensions : mouthpiece 12.6cm (5"), cheeks 13.3cm (5¼") Weight 454g (1lb)

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