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17th Century Steel Spur with Hinged Arms - Spur230

17th Century Steel Spur with Hinged Arms - Spur230

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This old steel spur has a good patina
It has star-shaped rowel with eight points which still turns.
The neck turns downwards at its end.
The heel bands or arms are hinged. I have read various theories about these hinges - some claim it made the spurs easier to pack and transport - this seems unlikely, they don't takeup much less space. More likely is that they developed alongside the more rigid boot of the time or that they were easier to fit.
At the end of each arm there is a large circular loop with a central bar, spur straps could have passed through these much as they do in modern spurs. There is some simple incised decoration on these loops.

Dimensions : 190mm (7½")long including rowel
Width 82mm (3¼") across hinges
Weight : 105g (3¾oz)

Ref : spur230

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