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A 17th Century Rowel Spur - Spur218

A 17th Century Rowel Spur - Spur218

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This spur has a revolving rowel which still turns. The rowel has five leaf shaped points.
The neck starts with a rounded piece then angles sharply downwards.
The heel bands are slightly curved to accommodate the rider's ankle bone.
One can still see some cast decoration where the neck attaches to the heel.
There is a double eyelet on each of the arms, two hooks hang from one side and a hook and a very ornate buckle are attached to the other.
The buckle is still functional
This spur has been cleaned and treated with a preservative which gives it a silver finish.

Dimensions : 140mm (5½")long not including rowel
Width 100mm (4")
Rowel : 40mm(1½")
Weight : 83g (3⅛oz)

Ref : spur218

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