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A 19th Century French Cavalry Bit - Bit641

A 19th Century French Cavalry Bit - Bit641

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A branch cheek steel bit. It has an arched or curved mouth.
There is a small (1.5cm) rough area in the centre of the mouthpiece.
The cheeks are curved with oval loops at the top and separate holes for curb hooks. Each cheek bears a rein loop, and there is a curved shackle bar.
There is an round gilt brass cheek boss embossed with a Medusa's head on each side of the bit.

There are no stamps on the bit but there is a previous collector's label which reads "M346".

Dimensions : mouthpiece 12.5cm (4⅞"), cheeks 19.8cm (7¾") not including rein loops

Weight 608g (1 lb 5½ oz)

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