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A Moroccan Saddle and Accessories - Saddle049

A Moroccan Saddle and Accessories - Saddle049

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This saddle has a large rectangular pad and a seat with high rounded pommel and cantle. Both are made of leather and embroidered with metal-wrapped thread and trimmed with black wool tassels
It would have had a wooden tree inside - this is missing, it could be replaced, and its absence will make packing and shipping easier.

The saddle came with two sets of accessories : breastplates, neck tassels, brow decoration and blinkers. Both sets are decorated with metallic embroidery and tassels, some tassels are missing. One of the sets has metal sequins, these are starting to tarnish.

The saddle has its original steel stirrups with silver decoration, there is wear to the silver.

This saddle has been used a lot, there are stitched repairs to the leather (some of the stitching is in very authentic nylon baler twine), some of the old leather has been replaced with synthetic vinyl type material - particularly on one of the neck straps, and possibly the seat, the embroidery shows wear where the rider would sit.

Dimensions : Rectangular pad 37" (94cm) x 38" (96cm)

Ref : saddle049

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