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A Pair of African Hausa Stirrups - Stirrup387

A Pair of African Hausa Stirrups - Stirrup387

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These stirrups are made of brass or bronze.
They are typical of those from the Hausa people of West Africa.
They have highly arched footplates or treads, each has a central pierced rosette and bands of pierced decoration.
The triangualar sides of the stirrup are flat with cast and engraved decoration.
There is a small conical "funnel" on one side of one stirrup - probably a lance support.
Each stirrup has a suspension arch with a hexagonal suspension loop across each top.
There is an old soldered repair at the top of one side.
According to Robin Law in "The Horse in West African History" these stirrups are known in the Hausa language as "Wutsiyar shirwa" or "kites' tails" (like the bird), and in Yoruba "oko asa" or "flying birds"

Dimensions : Width 4¼" (10.8cm), height 9" (22.8cm), length of tread 8⅜" (21.2cm)

Weight : 1.6kg (3lb 8½oz)

Ref : stirrup387

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