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A Pair of Dogon African Stirrups - Stirrup207

A Pair of Dogon African Stirrups - Stirrup207

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These stirrups are made of brass or bronze.
They have gently arched footplates or treads, each has four triangular drainage holes. The triangualar sides of the stirrup are flat with coiled decoration. There is an arch with an oval suspension loop across each top.

This stirrup design is typically African, often associated with the Hausa people of Nigeria. It does share some features with Iberian and Latin American stirrups, perhaps thanks to the Arab traders who travelled south through Africa and north into Spain.

Dimensions : Width 3¾" (9.2cm), height 5" (13cm), length of tread 5½" (14cm)

Weight : 790g (1lb 11¾oz)

Ref : stirrup207

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