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A Sixteenth Lancers Officer's Horse Bit - Bit437

A Sixteenth Lancers Officer's Horse Bit - Bit437

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A branch cheek steel bit. It has a medium port.
The cheeks are curved, each bears a rein loop, there is a straight shackle bar.
There is an round gilt brass cheek boss surmounted by a Queen's crown on each side of the bit.
Each cheek boss bears the monogram "VR" (for Queen Victoria), and crossed lances, plus a garter which reads "Sixteenth Lancers".
The bosses have been much polished over the years, the monograms and lances are no longer crisp

16th The Queens Lancers started in 1759, read about their history on Wikipedia here

Dimensions : mouthpiece 12cm (4¾"), cheeks 20cm (8") not including rein loops

Weight 611g (1 lb 5½ oz)

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