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A Vintage Western Curb Bit - Bit742

A Vintage Western Curb Bit - Bit742

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This curb bit probably dates from the early twentieth century.
It is made of steel with a dark lacquered finish.
. The mouthpiece has a medium height narrow port, there is a trace of a stamp on one side of the mouthpiece, but I cannot read it.
The cheeks curve backwards. one is stamped "2".
Each cheek bears a swivelling curb rein ring,.
A curved shackle or slobber bar joins the lower parts of the cheeks, there is a little surface rust on this. The bit still has its original curb hook and chain.

Dimensions : mouthpiece 10.4cm (4¾"), cheeks 16.2cm (6½") not including rein loops

Weight 340g (12 oz)

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