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An Antique Brass & Copper Singeing Lamp or Iron

An Antique Brass & Copper Singeing Lamp or Iron

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This antique horse grooming tool was used to singe hairs short - some skilled people can still use them today.
This example has a brass handle and copper head.
One side of the copper head is dented.
The hollow handle unscrews and would have been a reservoir for paraffin which fed a cotton wick in the head of the tool.
The flow of paraffin could be cut off using the brass tap
The wick would have sat next to the serrated plate which would have acted as a comb & held up the hairs to be singed
Each side of the head of the lamp is decorated with a leaf pattern.
A new owner can decide whether to polish it or not
Dimensions : 5" (12.7cm) maximum width x 14" (36cm) long
Weight 440g (15oz)

Ref : misc249-singeing

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