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An Antique Half Manger Chog or Tie-Up Bobbin #14

An Antique Half Manger Chog or Tie-Up Bobbin #14

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These blocks are variously known as chogs, sliders, manger balls, manger logs and tying up bobbins.

They are usually almost spherical but this one is thinner and flat on one side.

They were traditionally used to weight a rope that passed through a ring or slot in a manger or tying up ring and attached to the halter or headcollar, thus allowing the horse to move but preventing the rope from looping dangerously.

This example is turned from a single piece of two-coloured golden brown and dark brown wood

It is in good condition with a few scars and marks from use

Dimensions : Height 3½" (8.2cm), Diameter 3¾" (9cm)
Weight 133g ( 4¾oz)

Ref : Bobbin014

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