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An Antique Manger Chog or Tie-Up Bobbin #10

An Antique Manger Chog or Tie-Up Bobbin #10

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I wrote a short blog here about these manger balls / chogs a while ago.

They are variously known as chogs, sliders, manger balls, manger logs and tying up bobbins.
They were traditionally used to weight a rope that passed through a ring or slot in a manger and attached to the halter or headcollar, thus allowing the horse to move but preventing the rope from looping dangerously.

It has a good aged patina with several scars and marks from use.
There is an old chip inside its central channel at one end

Dimensions : Height 3" (7.8cm), Diameter 3¼" (8.5cm)
Weight 465g (1lb ½oz)

Ref : Bobbin010

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