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An Antique Peruvian Horse Bit - Bit756

An Antique Peruvian Horse Bit - Bit756

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This hand forged iron bit dates from the 19th Century
The angled cheeks can still be seen in traditional Peruvian bits for the Paso horse.
The mouthpiece has a high central port with a roller in it.
There are also rollers on each side of the port.
There is a chain or "Siciliana" that also fits inside the mouth.
The cheeks turn, They have some simple chiselled decoration.
The cheeks have D-shaped suspension loops at the headstall end and there are swivelling loops at the ends of the cheeks to attach to reins. There is also a curb chain and a shackle or slobber chain joining the two cheeks.

Dimensions : Mouth 4¼" (10.8cm), Cheek length not including rings 6⅞" (17.5cm)
Weight : 612g (1lb 5½oz)

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