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A Heavy Eglentine Swales Pelham Bit - Bit798

A Heavy Eglentine Swales Pelham Bit - Bit798

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This bit probably dates from the early 20th century.

One cheek is stamped "Eglentine" - a nickel alloy trademarked by F.Eglington of Walsall in 1905
It has flat cheeks with coiled integral curb hooks - the end of one of these hooks has broken off.

It has a straight mouthpiece stamped "Swales Patent" and "Pat16057"
There are loose bit rings inside the cheeks - these are soldered in places - it is not clear whether this was from the time of manufacture or a later repair. The rings are also stamped "Swales' Patent"

Dimensions : Mouthpiece 6" (15.2cm), Cheeks  6" (15.2cm)
1.025g (2lb 4oz)

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