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An Excavated 14th / 15th Century Rowel Spur - Spur235

An Excavated 14th / 15th Century Rowel Spur - Spur235

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A Mediaeval spur in excavated condition, this spur has a small-size revolving eight-pointed rowel which is fixed in position.
Six of the points of the rowel have been lost.
It has a short neck which points down.
The arms of the spur are quite deeply curved to pass below the rider's ankle bone.
There would have been openings at the ends ofthe arms for the attachment of hooks and buckles, these have been lost.
This spur is quite heavily pitted from oxidation, but it has been cleaned and preserved, and it is around 500 years old

Dimensions : 140mm (5½")long including rowel
Width 82mm (3½")
Weight : 42g (1⅝oz)

Ref : spur235

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