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Antique Brass Decorated Brewer's Dray Bridle c.1915 - Bit962

Antique Brass Decorated Brewer's Dray Bridle c.1915 - Bit962

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This bridle is made of very dark brown / black leather it would have been used on a heavy horse pulling a brewer's cart or dray.

There is a screwhole in the top of the headpiece where a terret could be attached.
It has blinkers, each of which is decorated with a brass barrel
There is an oval plaque above the browband .

Below the browband there is a crescent shaped horse brass .
The noseband has a brass plate engraved "Mattick, Maker, Malmesbury". The tip of the left side of this plaque has broken off. 

Arthur Mattick was listed as a saddler at 12, High Street Malmesbury in Kelly's 1915 directory.

The bridle has a handmade jointed snaffle bit, it can be detached on one side to function as a watering bit.

There are heavy brass buckles throughout

This was a working bridle and there are old repairs to the noseband and the reins

Ref : Bit962

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