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Antique Curved Leather Sandwich Case & Tin by Dixon - Sandwich114

Antique Curved Leather Sandwich Case & Tin by Dixon - Sandwich114

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A dark brown leather case, with its sandwich tin.
This case has a curved outline, similar to the "piggyback" canteens, but it is flat in profile.
The stitching is incredibly fine (I count fourteen stitches to the inch) and one of the back seams has opened up for about an inch (please see images).
The case is lined in doeskin which shows wear inside the lid.
The curved tin has a single hinge.
It is silverplated with some pitting on its back.
Inside it is stamped "X James Dixon & Sons Sheffield", "EPBM" (electroplated Britannia metal) and "946M".
There is no trumpet & banner logo, so this piece was made before 1879.
The saddle straps are in fair condition, this case never had a girth strap.
The case closes with a buckle fastening.
All the buckles were once covered with very finely stitched leather this has come off one of the D ring buckles - there is also a split in the leather that holds this buckle.

Dimensions : 4½" (11.5cm) wide x 6" (15.2cm) tall x 1½"(4.2cm) deep

Ref: Sandwich114

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