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Antique Devon Slipper Stirrup - Stirrup317

Antique Devon Slipper Stirrup - Stirrup317

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This pigskin covered stirrup has a steel frame.
It has a shaped footplate that pivots within the arch of the stirrup.
There is a a covered toe which would have covered the front of the foot, preventing it from slipping through the iron and getting trapped
The arch itself is covered in leather
The stirrup itself is probably early Victorian.
It has a few repairs and areas of wear : the sole has been partly re-covered but there are still areas that have worn out, there is also a hole worn in the tip of the toe.

Dimensions : External Width 3½" (9cm), height 5½" (13.8cm), length of tread 8½" (21.8cm)
Weight : 373g (13oz )

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