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Antique Iberian Spur - Spur237

Antique Iberian Spur - Spur237

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I bought this spur in a group that were all supposedly 17th century or earlier. I have my doubt about this one - it looks very like some 19th century spurs from Spain & Portugal, although it is obviously handforged.
It is constructed in four pieces.
There is a sharp eight pointed rowel that still turns.
The neck curves upwards, it is quite crudely made.
Where the neck slots into the body of the spur there is a folded piece of steel. In this way Spanish spurs show an Arab influence - they are secured to the foot by a strap that passes around the foot, then crosses and passes around the ankle and through this sleeve of metal.
In this case the neck of the spur and this piece of metal are quite loose

Dimensions : 165mm (6½")maximum length Maximum Width 78mm (3") Weight : 78g (3oz)

Ref : spur237

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