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Antique Ladies Whip with Bone Boxer Dog Cap - w1466

Antique Ladies Whip with Bone Boxer Dog Cap - w1466

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The cap of this whip is carved from bone in the form of a Boxer's head.
The bone has darkened with age and there is a fine crack on the top of the head (please look at the images).
The eyes are made of facet cut amethysts which catch the light beautifully.
The has a silver collar with floral decoration and a blank shield for engraving.
It is not hallmarked so it may be plated. There are a couple of dents in the silver.
The rest of the shaft is covered in braided brown thread.
The shaft has a curve in it, but could be slowly straightened with steam.
There is no lash at its end, but one could be attached.

Dimensions : Length 30½" (77.5cm)
Weight 52g (2oz)

Ref : whip1466

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