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Antique Malacca Locksmasher Hunting Whip - w1584

Antique Malacca Locksmasher Hunting Whip - w1584

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This whip has a heavy brass handle, sometimes called a "locksmasher".
This could indeed be used to open locks, but also for repairs or as a priest.
It has a silver coloured (probably nickel) collar
There are no maker's marks or stamps.
The long stock or shaft is red brown malacca cane with its characteristic "tear drop" cross section.
There are old scuffs and scratches on the cane.
It has a rawhide leather open keeper or loop at its end, and a thong, although this is missing the loop from its tip

Dimensions : Handle : 2⅛" (5.5cm) Length (not including keeper) 27½" (cm70), keeper 4¼" (11cm)
Weight 302g (10½oz)

Ref : whip1584

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