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Antique Steel Sidesaddle Slipper Stirrup - Stirrup413

Antique Steel Sidesaddle Slipper Stirrup - Stirrup413

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This is a hand forged steel or iron slipper stirrup frame for use with a sidesaddle.

It is probably American
It has a dark, aged patina
It has a shaped footplate that is fixed within the arch of the stirrup.
The arch itself has a suspension loop on top.

The stirrup has been much used and the arch leans slightly to one side where a boot has pressed against it.
There is a strengthening rib on the underside of the tread.

There are no maker's marks or stamps

Dimensions : Maximum Arch Width 4" (10cm), height 4¼" (11cm), length of tread 7¼" (18.5cm)
Weight : 327g (11½oz )

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