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c.1840 Gents Whip by Griffiths with Braided Silver Mounts - w1444

c.1840 Gents Whip by Griffiths with Braided Silver Mounts - w1444

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This antique riding whip has a silver button on its cap, this is stamped "Griffith 322 Holborn, London".

The cap is made of braided silver wire, it has a collar which is stamped "Griffith, London, Patent India Rubber Lined".

Benjamin and Charles Griffith were whip makers at this address from the late 18th Century. Various directories and court records record them at this address from the 1780's and James Swaine, later of Swaine & Adeney was apprenticed to Benjamin Griffith at this address in 1782. 

The British Museum has a drawing by John Wykeham Archer showing leather & sticks in a building damaged by fire captioned 'Griffith Whip Maker, HOLBORN' Inscribed on mount: "Remains of the Chapel, Southampton House, Holborn, 1846". This is the last reference I can find to whip manufacture at this address.

The whip also has a braided silver wire collar.
Between the cap and collar, the grip is covered in braided black / brown baleen.
The flexible stock is covered in braided linen or hemp

The whip has the remains of a lash at its end..

Dimensions : Length not including lash 29¾" (75.5cm)
Weight 114g (4oz)

Ref : whip1444

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