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Edwardian 1909 Silver Mounted Saddle Flask - Flask212

Edwardian 1909 Silver Mounted Saddle Flask - Flask212

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This large conical flask has a solid silver bayonet or captured cap. It is hallmarked Sheffield 1909 and stamped "J.D & S" (James Dixon & Sons).
The top of the cap is engraved with an initial K or R
The flask is handblown heavy crystal

The dark tan coloured case has a good patina. At some time in the past the keepers for the top strap and the leather hinge have been secured with studs not stitching ( see images )
The girth strap is attached so that the flask will sit on the near-side of the saddle.
The case closes with a billet fastening and has its original top strap which attaches the flask to the D ring of the saddle.

Dimensions :
Length (of case): 10¼" (26cm)

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