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Heavy Antique Indian Curb Bit - Bit760

Heavy Antique Indian Curb Bit - Bit760

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This is an old Indian steel bit with a dark patina.

It is larger and heavier than most similar Indian bits.

It has a central arch or port with ridges or points on its top.

The port has incised geometric decoration on both sides, the ends of the port protrude below the mouthpiece of the bit, they have square ridged terminals.

The bars of the mouthpiece are rectangular in section, they have serrations along their length.
The cheeks of the bit curve backwards and have simple chiselled and incised decoration. Each cheek has two swivelling rein loops at its end.

The bit has two curb hooks and part of a curb chain

Mouthpiece 11.5cm (4½"), Cheeks 14cm (5½")
Weight 495g (1lb 1½oz)

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