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Large Curved Flask and Sandwich Tin - Sandwich167

Large Curved Flask and Sandwich Tin - Sandwich167

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A large silver plated flask and sandwich tin.
These items have curved outlines, similar to the "piggyback" canteen fittings, but they are much larger than standard
Both are monogrammed "CG" ?
The curved tin has a double hinge and a gilt washed interior.

The flask has a captured or bayonet hinged cap
There are no maker's marks or stamped.

The plating is in generally good condition with some light surface scratches, it has worn over the monogram on the sandwich tin.

There are a couple of dents in the front of the flask

Dimensions :

Sandwich Tin : 5¾" (14.3cm) wide x 8" (20.2cm) tall x 1"(2.6cm) deep

Flask : 5¾" (14.3cm) wide x 8" (20.2cm) tall x 2" (5cm) maximum depth

Weight : 2lb 4½ oz (1.033kg)

Ref: Sandwich167

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