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Leather Sidesaddle Slipper Stirrup - Stirrup343

Leather Sidesaddle Slipper Stirrup - Stirrup343

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This is an antique leather slipper or Devon stirrup.
Such stirrups were used before the development of safety stirrups - the enclosed toe prevented the rider's foot getting trapped in the stirrup, so they would not be dragged in the event of a fall.
The stirrup has a steel frame, this would originally have been covered in leather. The metal is now exposed and has a dark patina.

The slipper part is made of dark brown leather with a reinforced strip around the base of the toe .

There is a split in the back corner of the sole.
Unusually this stirrup still has its original leather strap - it predates the special safety bars and straps seen today.

Dimensions : External Width 3½" (9cm), height 5" (12.5cm), length of tread 8½" (22cm)

Weight : 14oz (394g)

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