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Mahogany Stand or Rack for Mess Dress Box Spurs - Spur566

Mahogany Stand or Rack for Mess Dress Box Spurs - Spur566

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This is a red-brown coloured mahogany rack or stand with slots to hold up to six pairs of box spurs.

It probably dates from the late 19th or early 20th century, and would have belonged to an officer.

There is a repaired split at one end (please see the images) but this is quite stable now.

It currently  holds four pairs of box spurs with steel inserts which would fit into "boxes" in the heel of a George boot or half Wellington.

Two pairs are silver coloured (probably) nickel 
The necks  of one of these are straight and the other pair's necks are curved in a swan or goose shape.

The rowels of the straight necked spurs are decorated with a star.
There are decorative screw heads cast at the end of each arm of the swan necked pair.
Each spur is stamped "Maxwell" on the underside of its neck, the heel inserts are stamped "Left" and "Right" on one surface and  "9,Dover St., London" on the other.
They are in good, wearable condition with a few surface scratches.

The brass spurs are also examples of straight and swan necked designs.

The straight necked pair are only stamped "Left" and "Right" but the swan necked pair are stamped "Peal, Oxford Street"

Length of rack 13½" (34.5cm)
Weight : 1.5kg (3lb 3½oz)

Ref : spur566

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