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Medieval Rowel Spur - Spur232

Medieval Rowel Spur - Spur232

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A Mediaeval spur in excavated condition, this spur has a large many pointed rowel which is fixed in position.

One of the spokes of the rowel has broken off and a couple ate bent

It has a straight neck .
The arms of the spur are gently curved to pass below the rider's ankle. They have decorative lines along their length

One arm ends in a circular eyelets which holds a large hook, the other arm has part of its eyelet.

The surface of the spur is dark and somewhat pitted, but it has been cleaned and preserved, so should not deteriorate further.

Dimensions : 16cm (6¼")long including rowel
Width 9.5m (3¾")
Weight : 108g (3¾oz)

Ref : spur232

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