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Old Brass Vaqueiro Spur - Spur416

Old Brass Vaqueiro Spur - Spur416

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This is an old South American spur, probably Brazilian.
It is made of brass.
The heel bands are plain, each ends in a circular ring.
On one arm of the heel band the ring holds two swinging buttons, on the other arm the ring holds a button and a buckle.
It has a round heel plate which is pierced at the top so that chains could attach..
The neck of the spur turns slightly downwards
It has a many pointed sawtooth shaped steel rowel, one of the points has broken off
The rowel still turns.
There are no maker's marks or stamps.

Dimensions : 7" (17.6cm) long x 3" (7.8cm) internal width,
Rowel 1¾" (4.5cm)
Weight - approx 9⅞oz (281g)

Ref : spur416

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