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Pair of Antique Chinese Stirrups - Stirrup180

Pair of Antique Chinese Stirrups - Stirrup180

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Two hand forged iron stirrups. These have oval treads, there is no raised lip around the edge.
There are curved arches, with a suspension loop on top.
Although they are very similar, one stirrup is taller than the other, they probably come from two different pairs of stirrups.
These stirrups are not decorated, perhaps they are early, or simply primitive examples, made by a local smith rather than a specialist? There is some very slight surface oxidation and pitting, but they are in good solid condition for stirrups that I believe are likely to be more than 200 years old.

Dimensions : Width 5¾" (14.4cm), height 6" (15cm) and 5½" (14cm), depth of tread 4½" (11.5cm)
1024g (2lb 4oz)

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