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Pair of Antique Steel Spurs by Maxwell - Spur510

Pair of Antique Steel Spurs by Maxwell - Spur510

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A pair of 19th century silver plated steel spurs that have acquired a dark patina.
These spurs have short upward curving swan or goose necks. They have small many pointed rowels, one of these still turns.
The spurs have steel studs for the attachment of straps. There is a loop attached to one of the studs which would have held a buckle.
One is stamped "Maxwell" and "Hard" inside the heel band, "Hard" probably refers to hard steel which has a carbon content of more than 3%.
The stamp on the other spur is too rubbed to read much more than "..ll"

11.5cm (4½")long, 7cm (2¾")wide internally, neck length 2.6cm (1")
Weight 117g (4⅛oz)

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