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Pair of Decorated Brass "Conquistador" Stirrups - Stirrup392

Pair of Decorated Brass "Conquistador" Stirrups - Stirrup392

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These shoe shaped stirrups are made of brass .
They come from South America.
They are known as "Conquistador" stirrups, but they probably date from the 19th Century.
The shape would protect the rider's feet from injury.
Both stirrups are decorated with a circle and a plume pattern on each side .
There are no stamps or makers marks.
There are two triangular drainage holes in the base of each stirrup.
One stirrup has a small casting defect on its base near the toe.

Dimensions : External Width 4½" (10.6cm), height 4½" (11.5cm), length 11" (28cm)
Weight : 2.9kg (6lb 6oz )

Ref : stirrup392

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