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Pair of Fine Steel Swan Necked Box Spurs - Spur526f

Pair of Fine Steel Swan Necked Box Spurs - Spur526f

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These are slender steel spurs with extensions would fit into the heel of a boot.
The long necks are curved in a swan or goose shape.
The multi-pointed rowels still turn .
The inserts are stamped "Pall Mall" - this address could belong to Edward Coe who was a spur maker at 15 Pall Mall in the mid 19th Century or it could refer to Thomas Gullick of 24 Pall Mall, who had applied for a patent for a new type of spur box in 1860. Gullick exhibited at the International Exhibition in 1862, the catalogue of the exhibition shows a range of his spurs - these appear very similar to his "civilian" spurs.

Internal width 5.5cm (approx 2"), neck 3cm (1¼"), rowel 1.2cm (½")
Weight : 48g (1¾oz)

Ref : spur526f

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