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Pair of Heavy Swan Necked Spurs - Spur189

Pair of Heavy Swan Necked Spurs - Spur189

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A pair of quite heavy 19th century steel spurs which have been plated in a white metal, probably nickel.
The plating is quite pitted in several places
These spurs have long curved necks with small many ponted rowels that still turn.
The arms of the heel bands have studs and hinged buckles for the attachment of straps.
Each spur has one old tan strap.
They were probably for military or cavalry use
There are no maker's marks or stamps.

16.5cm (6½")long, 8.2cm (3¼") wide internally, neck length 6.5cm (2¼"), rowel 1.2cm (½")
Weight 292g (10¼oz)

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