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Pair of Vicolette Military Spurs - Spur528

Pair of Vicolette Military Spurs - Spur528

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A pair of silver coloured nickel alloy spurs dating from the late 19th or early 20th century.

They are stamped "Vicolette" inside the heel band. Vicolette was a trademark of John Dewsbury.
These spurs have medium length necks with bulbous ends and small sharp rowels.

Only one of the rowels still turns
The spurs have steel studs (which show a little surface oxidation) and suspended buckles for the attachment of straps.

They have their original tan leather straps

12.8cm (5")long, 8.2cm (3¼")wide internally, neck length 3.4cm (1¼")

Weight 237g (8¼oz)

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