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Pair of Vintage North & Judd Cowboy Spurs

Pair of Vintage North & Judd Cowboy Spurs

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A pair of working cowboy spurs in very good condition.
They have broad heel bands and swinging buttons on each side.
They have five pronged blunt rowels with a notch in each prong - I have seen similar rowels described as "hair pullers".
The underside of the neck is stamped with the anchor logo of North & Judd.
North and Judd were incorporated in 1863 and took over Buermann in 1926, the company still exists but the heyday of spur manufacture was in the mid-20th century.

Total length 5" (12.5cm) Internal width 7.2cm (approx 2¾"), rowel 3.2cm (1¼")
Weight : 362g (12¾oz)

Ref : spur432

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