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Pair of WW1 Canadian Military Spurs - Spur576

Pair of WW1 Canadian Military Spurs - Spur576

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A pair of early 20th Century heavy spurs made of nickel.
These spurs have fairly long necks with bulbous ends and small star shaped rowels.

The undersides of the necks are both stamped "M.Mfg. Co" the left spur is also stamped  with a broad arrow in a C and the date 1915. The right spur is stamped 1914.

Each arm of the spurs ends in a rectangular slot. A hinged buckle hangs from the outer arm of each spur
They have their original stitched straps which are still flexible.

Internal width 8.7cm (approx 3½"), neck 5cm (2")
Weight : 451g (16 oz)

Ref : spur576

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