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Rawhide Boleadoras or Bolas, Gaucho throwing weapon

Rawhide Boleadoras or Bolas, Gaucho throwing weapon

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Bolas or boleadoras are a hunting tool or weapon.
They came from South America. Similar arrangements of throwing stones and ropes were originally used by the indigenous people, but after the arrival of the Spanish they were adopted by the gauchos. They were used for hunting and herding – the balls would be swung around to gain speed and then released, wrapping themselves around the quarry animal’s legs.
Charles Darwin's journal of his journey on the Beagle has a very amusing account of his attempts to throw bolas - and the resulting amusement of his guides.

This set has three braided rawhide ropes which hold three rawhide covered weights (two large and one small)

Dimensions : Length 48½" (123cm), Ball diameter 2¾" (7cm) 
Weight : 370g ( 13oz)

Ref : Boleadoras

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