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Single South American Spur - Spur524

Single South American Spur - Spur524

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A single South American spur
Both sides of the spur have cast decoration with pierced holes around the edges.
Each arm of the heel band ends in a hand which holds a ring. One ring of each spur holds a swinging button and a buckle and on the other side there are two swinging buttons.
It has a circular heelplate
The neck of the spur is cast with a fist.
It has a large sawtooth rowel with a disc on each side.
The rowel turns freely and makes a ringing noise with the discs - such spurs are sometimes described as "Lorenas" for this reason.
The inside of the spur is a stamped with a palm tree, unfortunately the rest of the stamp is illegible.

Dimensions : 7¼" (18.2cm) long x 3½" (8.7cm)wide, Rowel 2½" (6.2cm) Weight - approx 11oz (312g) )

Ref : spur524

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