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Single Vintage Gal Leg Cowboy Spur ? McChesney - Spur574

Single Vintage Gal Leg Cowboy Spur ? McChesney - Spur574

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A single early 20th Century spur
The spur is made of a silver coloured metal - it is non-magnetic so probably a nickel or aluminium alloy.

It is a spur for the right boot.
The outer heel band is decorated with copper bands and applied silver spades ( the card suit)
The inner arm of the heel band has engraved nickel silver decoration.
Both arms end in a button with engraved decoration.
There may be a fragment of a stamp under the button on the outer heel band, but there is not enough of it to read.
Both sides of the neck are decorated with copper overlay in the shape of a woman's leg with silver garter and shoe.
The rowel has ten points and still turns freely.

The design appears to be McChesney No.8

Dimensions : 6" (15.2cm) long x 3⅛" (8.2cm) wide internally, Rowel 1½" 3.5cm) Weight - approx 5½oz (157g) )

Ref : spur574

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