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Swaine & Isaac Ladies Sidesaddle Whip - w1561

Swaine & Isaac Ladies Sidesaddle Whip - w1561

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This very fine whip is in remarkably good condition for its age ( nearly 200 years old).
It has a gold coloured cap and collar with foliate decoration.
The rim of the cap is engraved "Swaine & Isaac, London".
Swaine & Isaac were in business between 1830 & 1840 and later became the company Swaine, Adeney Brigg.
The cap also has a ring with a silk wrist cord.
Between the cap and collar, the grip is covered in finely braided black baleen or whalebone.
The long slim shaft is covered in brown braided thread
The whip has the remains of its original lash at its end..

Dimensions : Length 31" (79cm)
Weight 22g (¾oz)

Ref : whip1561

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